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3 ways to save money

Horses are expensive. It’s a fact that those of us involved with them try not to think about too much. This year with prices rising, wondering how we can look after our horses is something on a lot of our minds. Below are a few tips on how to save money without compromising on your horse’s welfare:

1. Do you really need it?

This is probably the first question I ask myself when I see a new pair of breeches in the local tack shop. If the answer is yes, it can be worth shopping around to find the best price. I’m a big fan of second hand sites such as eBay, Vinted and Facebook marketplace or local table top sales. I’ve found some great deals there for things that are nearly new. On the flip side if you have a spring clean, don’t throw things away, sell them online and make a bit of extra money to spend on your horse.

2. Look after what you have

It’s amazing how long things will last with a bit of TLC and some repairs. I have a pair of long riding boots which I’ve had for 4 years, I wear them every day and coach in them. They get cleaned every night. I’ve had the zips replaced twice, but it’s still less than a new pair of boots and they’re still going strong. I’ve fixed plenty of rugs with a bit of plaiting thread and sewn up holes in clothes to make them go a bit further. When things do eventually go it can be worth keeping parts as replacements, I have a drawer of old fillet strings, leg straps and front clips to use as replacements.

3. Work together

If you’re on a livery yard you can work together to save a bit of money. There might be a group of you who use the same feed, see if you can order together. Some feed companies give a discount for bulk orders. The same can be true for vet visits, if your horse is due a visit ask around, if someone else’s horse is due a vaccination it will reduce the call out fee for both of you.

If you’re looking to save a bit of money it's worth checking out Secret Chevalier. This is a website set up specifically for the equine community. They have a wide range of discounts on horse products, everyday products and you can earn cashback from a wide range of retailers. Although there’s a monthly fee you quickly make that money back, I’ve been amazed at the number of different brands and products available.



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