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5 Horsey Checks to make this February

1. Vaccinations

If you’re preparing to go out and about in the Spring make sure you check that your horse’s vaccinations are in date for the event you are planning to go. Horses need 12 monthly boosters for equine flu, but some competitions require vaccinations to be within 6 months of the competition date. It’s better to check now that have a nasty surprise when you have something exciting planned

2. Tack fit

You might have increased your horse’s workload to prepare them to go out and about after a quiet winter. This change in workload will change your horse’s shape as they gain more muscle. It’s really important to get your saddle fit checked during this process so any adjustments can be made. It’s also a good time of year to check your tack for any wear and tear to keep you safe when you start doing more.

3. Teeth

Horses should have their teeth checked every 6 months to keep on top of any uneven wear. If your horse is doing more work it can be a good idea to book the dentist in case an increase of work highlights any underlying issues or a change in diet, maybe going from hay to grass or introducing hard feed, changes the wear of the teeth.

4. Physio

If you’re getting your horse fitter, they will be using their muscles in ways they might not have done for a while. If you exercise more your muscles may be tight and things might feel different as your body shape changes. It’s the same for horses, it’s a good idea to get a physio to check your horse over before you start to increase their work just to check there isn’t anything underlying. It can also be a good idea to book a check up in later on to keep an eye on how their muscles are feeling after an increase in workload.

5. Transport

If you’ve had a quiet winter (let’s face it it’s not very nice going out and about in the cold weather), your transport may not have been used much. It can be a good idea to time any checks on your transport for this time of year so they’re ready to go for the spring and summer. Checks you can do yourself include screen wash, oil levels and light checks.



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