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March Blog - Getting out and about

Another busy month of training, but what’s exciting is that we can now go out and about and compete. It’s been great to get out schooling and competing again.

We had went to Parwood last week for our first show and had a great round in the Newcomers, we jumped double clear and blew all the cobwebs away. It was made even better by the fact that I completely messed up the running order and we only had 5 minutes to warm up before we were in! Turns out I’m rustier than my horse. We also got out cross country schooling for the first time in a year. I chose to go to Attington to use their all weather course. Maria loves her cross country so I thought it was safer to be in an enclosed space on a good footing after such a long break. Turns out I was too cautious as she was perfect, very chilled and super accurate. Looking forward to getting out again before we go eventing.

I’ve been training too and been keeping up with my CPD over lockdown, this month it was two talks by Eric Smiley. The focus was creating a partnership and getting the horse to understand why they are doing something so they can think for themselves and also how to adapt to the different mindsets of pupils, to help them perform to the best of their abilities. This is such an important aspect for me as I strongly believe that understanding processes and how you view them gives riders the tools to work through problems themselves. After all as a coach my role is to teach all the tools to make myself redundant! I’ve also finished the 35 hours of training to renew my Certificate of Professional Competence, this allows me to be paid to drive. It was due to run out at the end of the year so I thought the best time to do it was when it was online and I didn’t have to travel anywhere.

I started teaching again this month, it’s been so nice to get out and see clients after such a long time, seeing what they’ve been up to and making plans for the year. There’s still been a lot of Zoom training going on too, in addition to badges there has also been quiz training. The Pony Club quiz is a team competition that tests the knowledge of members over ten horse related rounds, members compete in teams of four that are made up of a variety of ages. I competed in the quiz when I was in the Pony Club, our team placed 5 times at the finals, winning twice. This year the competition was held over Zoom and there were 6 rounds which included topics like as Children’s Equestrian Literature and the Nervous System. The teams I was training worked really hard and did so well coming 3rd and 5th, with only a couple of points between the top spots.

With the Easter Holidays here, I’ve got a busy couple of weeks teaching Pony Clubs with Easter Egg Hunts, simulated cross country and games just a few of the activities!



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