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Free Resources

I know that training is expensive and that's why I want to share some resources with you which you can access for free. Check out the selection below 

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Free Strangles Webinar

Have you heard stories about Strangles and worried about how it could affect your horse? 

Check out this Free webinar which covers all the information you need to know 


FREE Hot Weather Advice

Looking after horses in the summer can be a challenge

- Should you scrape the water or leave it on?

- Are they better inside or outside?

- What time of day is best to ride?

There questions answered in my FREE hot weather download.



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FREE Vital Signs Course

Knowing your horse's vital signs are the best way to keep track of their health and spot if something isn't quite right. 

- Temperature

- Pulse 

- Breathing

Find out how to check them and the numbers you should be watching out for in the FREE online course


FREE Blogs

There are so many different horse care topics to learn about and each month I discuss one in my monthly blog. 



FREE Training

Sometimes you need a more personalised approach to your training. 

Click below to book a FREE 30min online training session

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